Vecchia Stazione - mountain elegance
A haven of peace and relaxation, made with modern alpine design, at the disposal of guests of the Hotel Vecchia Stazione mountain elegance. Natural materials, warm colors, enveloping aromas give life to an extremely pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. A friendly and functional SPA to spend pleasant moments of well-being

We offer you:

FINNISH SAUNA reaches high temperatures (between 80°C and 100°C) in absence of humidity. It is an excellent method to relax that facilitate the rest and purification of the organism.

BIOSAUNA is characterized by temperatures not as high as those of Finnish sauna (almost 60°C) and by inside humidity of almost 50%. Ideal for cellular turnover, relaxes mind and body and alleviates muscular pains stimulating the flow of blood.

TURKISH BATH a steam bath that tones, relaxes and eliminates the impurities of the skin making it bright and elastic.

MASSAGE CHAIRS, to be adjusted through a comfortable display, offer pleasurable massage lasting 15 minutes.